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Top 6 Mobile Crypto Wallet Apps for 2022 – Number 5 Is Awesome!

Since cryptocurrencies are not tangible you cannot store them like regular cash. Instead, they are stored in crypto wallets where they can be accessible, secure and tradable. Therefore, as you are looking for cryptocurrencies to buy, you should also be on the lookout for the best mobile crypto wallet app. Here is a list of the top 6 mobile crypto wallet apps, their features, and website links to learn more.

Number of coinsApp Store ratingPlay Store rating
Exodus153 cryptocurrency assets4.64.5
Atomic walletOver 300 cryptocurrencies4.74.0
Coinomi walletOver 1,770 assets including tokens; over 125 blockchains4.64.5
Mycelium walletOver 1,500 2.24.0
Trust walletOver 1 million assets including tokens; 53 blockchains4.74.5
MetaMask walletOver 1,0004.24.4

1. Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet user-friendliness5/5
Exodus Wallet number of coinsWide selection
Exodus Wallet blockchains supported
Exodus Wallet integrated exchangeYes

Compared to other crypto wallets that are only available on mobile, Exodus Wallet can be accessed both on mobile and desktop. On either device, Exodus is very user friendly and has been described as such by many wallet reviews. This is why we recommend this app for beginners because it’s so easy to understand and use. 

Although it’s ideal for beginners, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suit advanced traders and investors. For one, the app features a built-in exchange for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. There are over 150 coins supported and through the exchange, you can switch any one for another. That way, you don’t have to rely on a separate crypto exchange for transactions, which saves you from extra transaction fees. 

Speaking of transaction fees, Exodus doesn’t charge any fees for using the app. All the fees collected are those charged by the blockchain network for miners. Besides, you can even set custom fees for your transactions depending on how much you want to spend and how fast you want your transaction to be. Doing this can help you reduce how much you pay or speed up your transactions whenever you want. 

Whenever you need help or have an enquiry, you have access to customer support 24/7. And it won’t be a robot generating answers but rather a real person on the other end, proving that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. That is why we have very little to complain about when it comes to Exodus Wallet making it one of our top recommendations for 2022. 


  • comes with a built-in exchange
  • wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade, send and receive
  • excellent customer support 24/7 from within the app
  • integrated apps for rewards and fun


  • you cannot buy crypto directly 
  • not as secure as hardware wallets

2. Atomic wallet

Atomic Wallet user-friendliness5/5
Atomic Wallet number of coinsWide selection
Atomic Wallet blockchains supported
Atomic Wallet integrated exchangeNo (atomic swaps)

Atomic Wallet is a feature-rich, decentralized, multi-currency cryptocurrency that you can use to store and exchange crypto. Available as both a desktop and mobile app, it supports all the popular operating systems including macOS, Windows and Linux.

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As you can tell from its name, one of the main features of this wallet is atomic swaps. The concept describes the process of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another without going through an exchange. It’s a useful feature because you can avoid fees associated with transferring crypto to and from an exchange. To sweeten the pot, Atomic Wallet also issues a 1% cashback on the swaps. 

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However, only about 60 cryptocurrencies can be swapped, so you shouldn’t get too excited. What’s exciting is that Atomic Wallet currently supports over 300 different coins, a higher number than most other crypto wallet apps. In fact, it is known for accommodating less popular coins making it ideal for altcoin investors. 

In collaboration with Simplex, it also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card directly using fiat. This is not possible on many other wallets hence why Atomic Wallet is good for beginners who want to get a start in crypto. Being user-friendly, even a beginner can easily find their way around the app be it on mobile or desktop. 

Once you have purchased crypto, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain but the private key is encrypted stored on your device. That way, your data is not on any device that can be hacked, keeping your coins safe. And in case you lose your device, you can always recover your assets using a 12-word backup phrase. 

In our review, we found very little wrong with Atomic Wallet except perhaps that it doesn’t integrate with hardware wallets like Trezor. It would have been great to have this feature because you would have been able to securely store your coins offline when they’re not needed for additional security. 


  • embraces a host of security features
  • allows anonymous trading
  • supports a constantly growing list of cryptocurrencies
  • hosts features like staking and an inbuilt exchange


  • limited number of cryptocurrencies available for automatic swaps
  • does not support hardware wallets
  • 2% flat fee for operations

3. Coinomi wallet

Coinomi wallet user-friendliness4/5
Coinomi wallet number of coinsWide selection
Coinomi wallet blockchains supportedOver 125
Coinomi wallet integrated exchangeYes

If you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use mobile wallet app, the Coinomi Wallet is the right option. It was among the earliest multi-chain crypto wallet apps after being launched in 2014. Since then, it has continued to extend support to more and more cryptocurrencies and now supports over 1,770 coins – a lot more than any other wallet. Coinomi also has support for 125 blockchain networks to allow for the listing of even more coins and tokens. 

Apart from its user-friendly features, it has strong encryption technology and prides itself on its security. Indeed, Coinomi has never been hacked since its inception and continues to have a positive track record in this regard. Your private key remains in your device so that it’s not based on a server that can be hacked. And with advanced security measures, it can stay safe barring any physical damage to your device. Plus, Coinomi doesn’t demand that you prove your identity before using the platform, which means you can stay anonymous and safe. 

Coinomi is also known as a fast crypto wallet app thanks to the developers streamlining the platform. Not only does this make the user experience more enjoyable, but you can also enjoy faster transaction speeds. For an even more personalized experience, 168 fiat currencies are represented and the app is available in 25 languages. Therefore, you’re able to fund your account using your native fiat currency and interact in your preferred language. Now that’s user friendly!

Finally, it’s completely free to use and Coinomi doesn’t charge you for transactions. Other crypto wallets have been known to charge for transferring crypto to other wallets, but here the only fees you pay are those required by the blockchain for miners. We also liked that customer support is always available 24/7 because you never know when you need help in the fast-moving world of crypto. 

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  • high level of privacy and security
  • fast and easy to use
  • available on different operating systems
  • supports cross-chain payments


  • apps may not be as user-friendly as other wallets

4. Mycelium wallet

Mycelium Wallet user-friendliness3/5
Mycelium Wallet number of coinsWide selection
Mycelium Wallet blockchains supportedOver 125
Mycelium Wallet integrated exchangeYes

Mycelium was one of the earliest crypto wallet apps when it was created in 2013. The company, though, had been around long before that since 2008 with the intent of creating a mesh networking project. The founders then shifted focus to blockchain when Bitcoin was started in 2009 resulting in the Mycelium wallet. At first, only Bitcoin was supported, but over time more coins were included to reach over 1,000. 

Thanks to the founders’ knowledge and experience in crypto, it’s not surprising that Mycelium is also one of the most secure crypto wallet apps. It too has never been hacked primarily because the company doesn’t store any user data. Your private key is only kept on your device so that it can’t be hacked from a server. 

In case of loss, a 12-word phrase can be used to recover it but this too is only known by you. The platform even automatically keeps track of your patterns so as to flag any unusual activities and protect you from any losses even from your end. 

And if you want even more security, Mycelium supports hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey. Because it also supports offline transactions, this means you can continue transacting even when not connected to the internet and verify the transactions later. 

In keeping with the original tenets of Bitcoin and crypto, Mycelium tries to maintain all users’ anonimity. No additional information about yourself will be asked when you download the app on your device and you can even use the Tor network to further obscure your identity. No fees are charged either for performing transactions except those required by the blockchain in question. 

Mycelium also comes with a decentralized exchange called Mycelium Local Trade. This in-person marketplace allows you to connect with other traders within your location and trade in cash if you wish to avoid transacting through a bank. 

The only problem is that, with all these features to enhance security and anonymity, user-friendliness is not a priority. The app is very basic and doesn’t have the usual sleek and polished appearance as other wallets. This can make it hard to use at first especially for beginners but over time one can get used to it. 


  • reliable open-source wallet
  • allows creation of multiple accounts for every individual
  • connections are fast and fluid
  • compatible with hardware wallets


  • has no desktop version
  • if you are a beginner it could be a bit tough to handle

5. Trust wallet

Trust Wallet user-friendliness5/5
Trust Wallet number of coinsWide selection
Trust Wallet blockchains supported53
Trust Wallet integrated exchangeYes

Trust Wallet is a decentralized open-source wallet that not only supports over 160K users but also allows you to trade in your coins and earn interest. Originally meant for ERC20 and ERC223 tokens, it has since been developed to store a multitude of other crypto assets. Today, Trust Wallet supports over 1 million assets ranging from cryptos to NFTs, collectibles, dApps, DeFi, etc. 

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To give you access to all these types of assets, an integrated dApp Web3 browser is found on the app. It allows you to browse through multiple crypto asset classes easily across different blockchains including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Once you see something you like, you can then instantly make that purchase and safely store the asset in your wallet without leaving the app. 

This is further enhanced by the presence of an in-built crypto exchange where you can trade different coins right on the app – no need to go through a centralised exchange. Advanced price charts and analysis tools can be accessed from the app if you need to. And should you find your account balance lacking, simply buy more crypto directly using fiat using your credit card instantly. 

Security is a priority in Trust Wallet, that is why your information is encrypted and stored securely in your device. As such, you can trust that… Trust Wallet will keep your assets safe. For some cryptos that allow it, you can even use them for staking purposes again from the same app and the same account. 

With all these features in Trust Wallet, it’s not surprising it has become one of the top crypto wallet apps around with over 10 million users.

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  • free to use and easy to download
  • stores a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • users retain control of private keys


  • it may not be as secure as others

6. MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask Wallet user-friendliness5/5
MetaMask Wallet number of coinsWide selection
MetaMask Wallet blockchains supportedEthereum 
MetaMask Wallet integrated exchangeYes

Most crypto enthusiasts must be familiar with MetaMask by now seeing as it’s one of the most popular crypto wallet apps today. The service boasts of having over 21 million users, and that’s mainly because it’s so easy to use. Most easily, it can be downloaded as a web browser extension on Google Chrome and other browsers essentially providing a gateway between normal browsing activity and the blockchain. 

Unfortunately, this also makes the MetaMask extension a hot wallet making it less secure than other crypto wallet apps. For those who want a bit more security, we suggest downloading the mobile apps to your iOS or Android device. You should do so because another reason MetaMask is so popular is that it’s one of the best ways to gain access to blockchain apps

Whether you want to purchase NFTs, collectables, dApps, DeFi and other crypto assets, MetaMask can help you do so. It has a built-in Web3 browser for accessing all those assets thanks to the platform’s partnership with multiple services issuing these crypto assets. You can then swap your assets for others thanks to the MetaMask Swaps feature also available on the app. 

The charged fee is only 0.875% that goes into further development of the platform. And while you may pay for the swaps, in return you get reduced gas fees and slippage protection. At the same time, only a single approval is required for transactions thus enhancing processing fees. Meanwhile, these swaps are sourced from multiple DEX aggregators to find the best prices so you’re always paying the minimum. 


  • simple and easy to use interface
  • open-source platform
  • local key storage
  • extensive community of supporters


  • private keys stored in a web browser can be accessed
  • only Ethereum-based tokens are supported

The verdict: Which one is right for you?

While cryptocurrencies are currently the new frontier, getting started has never been easy. Since there is no one best one among crypto wallet apps choosing the best depends on what you need to do. 

However, if your priority is a secure and safe wallet, the Trust Wallet mobile should be at the top of your list. Apart from offering leading security in the market, you can actually earn interest on your holdings. Mycelium is also great at security but lacks any additional features that make crypto more exciting. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for less expensive fees and a more user-friendly experience, then Coinomi may be the better option for you. Exodus wallet is also good at keeping fees low but it’s more suitable for beginners.

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