AquaGoat Finance Price Prediction – Is it a Legit Investment?

Whereas most DeFi tokens only aim to provide returns for investors, AquaGoat Finance wants to do more. In addition to that, an ecological drive will also be added to the network particularly toward cleaning up oceans and beaches. Therefore, if you’re interested in contributing to environmental conservation, investing in AquaGoat coin may be the solution for you. 

What’s AquaGoat Finance all about?

AquaGoat was launched on 7 April 2021 as a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Like most other DeFi tokens, the goal was to provide a platform where investors could earn interest and gain a profit over time. To achieve this, a 10% fee is charged for all transactions made on the network, whether that’s buying or selling AquaGoat. 

Once the fee is collected, it is distributed as illustrated above. All users who hold AquaGoat in their crypto wallets will receive a share of the 2.2% collected from the fee. 5% is kept in a liquidity pool to maintain transactions on the network and a further 1.8% is burned. These actions promote holding of AquaGoat due to its rise in value while discouraging selling. 

But it is the final 1% collected from the fee that makes AquaGoat unique because it is donated to charity. The funds are sent to The Ocean Clean Up, which is a dutch non-profit that prevents entry of plastics into the ocean. The company also does research on methods of cleaning up plastics from the ocean. 

In the 6 months since AquaGoat Finance kicked off, AquaGoat price has gone up as more investors join the community. Looking at the AquaGoat Poocoin chart backs this up as the price has indeed been climbing. 

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So far, there are 13,000 verified wallets and more than 30,000 investors holding the coin taking the market cap over $8 million. As promised, AquaGoat claims it has donated the promised 1% to charity, amounting to over $36,000 as of 17 October. 

How you can acquire AquaGoat

At the moment, an AquaGoat airdrop is ongoing for all who are interested and have signed up. To stay ahead of these events, follow AquaGoat Twitter account where the community is active and posts regular updates. 

If you’ve missed it, you can still do it the oldschool way by purchasing from an exchange. Several exchanges already list the coin including Lbank, Snowgeswap and PancakeSwap. These are all minor exchanges but we’re waiting for the AquaGoat Binance listing. 

Once you’re ready, use your AquaGoat contract address to receive the token into your wallet and start enjoying the benefits. 

Is investing in AquaGoat worthwhile?

Our AquaGoat price prediction is quite positive given that DeFi tokens launched on BSC are enjoying a boom right now. It seems to be the latest fad and you can expect the price of AquaGoat to ride the wave. 

However, as far as our AquaGoat coin price prediction 2025 and AquaGoat coin price prediction 2030 go, it’s still too early to tell. This project is still in its very early stages and is yet to prove its utility as you can see from the roadmap above. 

Therefore, you should be cautious when investing in AquaGoat because you might get disappointed. With so many DeFi tokens being released on BSC, some of them are bound to fail. That means it’s a risky investment unless you can accept that risk.

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