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Ariva coin price prediction – Is it legit?

One of the challenges travellers suffer is having to exchange currencies across different borders. Although some banks and credit card companies do limit the fees involved, the process is still often tedious. Ariva Co. wants to eliminate this problem by creating Ariva token, which would be used as a single currency globally without all the hassle. 

How does the Ariva.World network work?

In order to enable global payments using a single cryptocurrency, a network is required. It will be named Ariva.World and will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. The native token to be used on the network will be named Ariva (ARV) as a BEP-20 token. 

Using ARV, holders of the coin in their wallets will be able to spend it across the world. You will only need to buy Ariva coin from one of the various exchanges where it is listed and transfer it to your wallet of choice. 

Previously, Ariva Co. held an Ariva coin airdrop between 22 September and 11 October 2021. During the event, $50,000 worth of ARV was sent to the Ariva coin address of those who participated in the campaign. Even if you missed it, you can anticipate the next one and try your luck. 

The main advantage of the Ariva coin Bsc (Binance Smart Chain) is that the Ariva coin price remains constant no matter where you are in the world. This means you won’t have to pay high currency exchange fees or suffer from fluctuations when currency value dips or rises unexpectedly. Moreover, there are no limits on spending as is normal on a credit card for foreign transactions. 

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How promising is this technology?

According to the project roadmap, it’s still in the nascent stages of development. After being released in May 2021, Ariva token is still in the marketing phases and Ariva Co. is hiring team members. During the 4th quarter, a beta version of Ariva.World will be launched with the hope of publishing the complete network in the 1st quarter of 2022. 

Nevertheless, Ariva token has made huge strides particularly in being accepted and listed on major crypto exchanges. Among them are, PancakeSwap, Lbank, Latoken, Whitebit, etc. The listing on was particularly great Ariva coin news since it’s a major exchange. 

Since the appearance of Ariva, the coin’s value soared quickly as you can see on the Ariva coin chart on CoinMarketCap’s listing of Ariva token. This will also be great news for those holding the coin because holders receive interest for their stake in the network. That way, the coin’s value can stay high while encouraging more investors to join in. 

Is buying Ariva token a good investment?

Our Ariva coin price prediction shows that this coin does have a lot of potential for growth if the progress so far is anything to go by. However, it’s too early to count one’s chickens because the final network is yet to be launched. The true value of Ariva token will only be realized after the launch in early 2022. 

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