Baby Doge Coin price prediction 2025. Is it as good as its meme father?

Created literally as a spinoff from Dogecoin, Baby Doge Coin seems to have been a success. It was created by Dogecoin fans and launched on 1 June 2021. Soon afterwards, within 21 days, it had gained over $500 million in market capitalization. At the time of publication, it’s listed on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of over $1.1 billion. And with the coin gaining more attention each day, we thought it a good idea to look at its future price predictions to help you decide whether or not to invest. 

How it works

Baby Doge Coin was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP-20 token and can be viewed on BscScan here. According to the project whitepaper, the choice of BSC over Ethereum was to improve upon the structure of its meme father, Dogecoin. Indeed, blocks are processed within 5 seconds compared to 1 minute on Dogecoin. 

The first major boost came when Elon Musk tweeted about it only one month after launch. The world’s richest man has a huge impact on crypto prices, so the value of BabyDoge shot up. At the moment, there are over 833k addresses holding the token an active social community. For instance, the Telegram channel has over 186k members while the Twitter account has over 383k followers. 

The main goal of the project is to help in saving dogs. So far, the team has partnered with Best Friends, Paws With Cause and Furkids. Through some donations, Baby Doge Coin has accomplished this goal, but it doesn’t end there. A partnership with CoinPayments now allows holders to pay for goods and services. Moreover, there are plans to launch a debit card to allow for easier transactions. 

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420 quadrillion BabyDoge tokens are currently in circulation. While this is a lot, the project engages a hyper-deflationary system to keep the coin’s value high. This is accomplished by burning tokens aggressively and 37% of the coins created at launch have already been destroyed. 

To encourage users to hold onto the tokens, holders are rewarded in BabyDoge and a tax is applied. For each transaction, a 10% fee is charged as tax. Half of the tax is redistributed to token holders and the rest is kept in a liquidity pool. The reason behind the liquidity pool is to ensure that price remains stable despite an increase in trade volume. 

Future coin price predictions 2025-2030

As far as memecoins go, Baby Doge Coin has done quite well. Not only has its market cap risen over time but the social community is very active and growing. That is very important for memecoins, especially, whose value depends on public support. Below, you can see this translate into an increase in value consistently since the initial launch. 

What’s even more impressive about Baby Doge Coin is that the project has promising future prospects. Plans to produce a debit card, partner with other companies and create an NFT marketplace will ensure longevity. This is why we expect the price to keep going up in the coming years. 

That being said, it’s difficult to make any specific price predictions for the token. After all, its price is intricately tied to that of Dogecoin. Therefore, it’s a risky investment that requires a lot of caution despite the potential it offers to investors. 

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