Some of the best features of the Telegram app are groups and channels which are free to join even if you don’t have other members’ contact details. Therefore, they provide a platform for everyone to share their ideas on any topic including copy trading. This can be in the form of automated trading signals or just trading ideas that you can act on yourself. 

However, the problem with such free and easy to use services is that anyone can create a group or channel on Telegram. This means that the information may not always be accurate, thus you need to be very careful which ones you join. To get you started, here are a few we have found to offer reliable tips to help you improve your performance. 

Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade is one of the top signals providers and has been around for several years. In that time, it has gained a huge community of over 70k members explaining why the Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel currently has 42.2k subscribers. In addition, it ran one of the most successful presales of all time raising $15.4 million to launch Dash 2 Trade. 

learn 2 trade

Initially, the service only provided signals for Forex trading but has since included crypto trading signals so the channel can be used for trading both markets. It’s free to join and start receiving free signals on the Telegram app as well as educational posts and market news. The service claims to have a 76% success rate which should really improve your performance. 

Accessing the channel for free gets you about one trading tip per day that even includes stop loss and take profit levels for risk management and to make your work easier. There is also a VIP Telegram channel, though, which costs about $42 monthly. For that, you get 3-5 trading signals per day, 3-4 technical analyses, premium trade updates, and other educational material. 

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Crypto Signals

This is another widely popular signals provider and the Crypto Signals Telegram group is 51.2k members strong. It’s not surprising considering that the team has been building the platform since 2014. The team members aren’t revealed but the website claims to have been founded by highly trained traders. 

crypto signals

There’s a lot to love about Crypto Signals, mainly because every trading signal is accompanied by a complete technical analysis explaining why the trade could be profitable. Not only does this lend more legitimacy to the signals provided but may also be used to learn about how to perform market analysis yourself. Add to that, the signals are not limited to major cryptos but also include minor altcoins you may not have heard of. 

Only 3 signals are offered for free every week and you will have to join the VIP group for more signals to use in copy trading. It costs about $52 per month, which will get you 2-5 trading signals per day along with suggestions of the stop loss, take profit, risk/reward ratio, and amount to risk on the trade. 

Wolfx Signals

A costlier option for copy trading would be joining the Wolfx Signals VIP Telegram channel. It costs $89 per month for either Forex or crypto trading signals or $139 for both markets. Alternatively, pay $279 for either Forex or crypto trading or $399 for both markets for a lifetime. Although there is a 10% discount being offered at the moment, it is still more expensive than many other services. 

wolfx signals

Regardless of the cost, however, Wolfx Signals claims to have 80k clients since it has been in the business for 5 years. Also, you can join the free Telegram channel with 79.9k subscribers where you can receive 1-2 free trading signals each day. Given the large number of subscribers, it’s safe to bet that members are happy about their copy trading results and you may want to join too. 

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Fat Pig Signals

Unlike the other platforms in this list that only suggest trading opportunities, Fat Pig Signals goes farther to provide investment strategies and alternative investments. For instance, you can learn about portfolio building and yield farming so that you have additional sources of revenue besides trading cryptos. 

fat pig signals

Nevertheless, crypto signals for copy trading are the mainstay of Fat Pig Signals, a service it has been providing since 2017. The company claims to have 15 years trading experience and can deliver highly accurate trading signals and you can tell considering that the Fat Pig Telegram channel has 47.9k subscribers. 

On the free Telegram channel, you only get a few trading signals per week but it’s still useful for market news and updates which are usually accompanied by a technical analysis. It costs $750 for a 3-month membership and $1,150 and $2,200 for a 6-month and annual plan respectively. 

Clearly, it’s the most expensive copy trading service in this list but could be worth it if the potential gains are as high as advertised. On the company’s website, it claims to have generated 8,700% gains on the CAKE token and 2,000% on the BNB signal hence could be good value for your money. 

Crypto Trades Today

With 3.69k subscribers at the time of publication, Crypto Trades Today is certainly a very popular Telegram channel but its creator isn’t known. When you first visit the channel, the majority of messages are those boasting of the profits made after making various trades. For instance, one message indicates that a trading tip generated over 23% in profit in under 9 hours. 

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The only problem is that you can only receive these tips by joining the VIP channel by contacting the CCT Support and paying for a subscription. Besides, you need to be aware that the tips provided involve trading crypto futures. Trading futures can be highly profitable thanks to leverage, but they are also riskier as a result and recommended only for experts. 

Although the channel advertises such high returns, we urge caution because you will only know if it’s real after payment. Instead, we suggest using it to find market information and news first where you can learn more about crypto trading. Only after you’re sure should you pay for the VIP service.