BUX Vs. Degiro, Which is Better?

BUX and Degiro are two trading platforms renowned by users in different parts of the world. But which is the better option? Which has more impressive benefits and, most importantly, which would be most suitable for your trading?


BUX is a social trading app that allows users access to many commodities, stocks, currencies, futures, and cryptocurrencies. It incorporates high-level Ayondo technology to rank traders based on their trades’ results- wins and losses.


DEGIRO is a privately owned, online discount broker that offers premium access to the financial markets’ benefits.

Established in 2008, Degiro gives traders access to commodities, stocks, futures,  and options. The broker is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam. Notable financial institutions and authorities regulate it, like the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) and the DNB (Dutch Central Bank).

BUX Vs. Degiro Comparison

Ease of Use


You can easily open an account with Degiro with zero deposit. The process is fully digital and can be completed within a few minutes.

Trading Platforms


BUX is a mobile-only social trading app. It can only be used on Android and iOS and is unsuitable for every other platform. No desktop features are available.


While Degiro provides user-friendly mobile and web trading services, it does not provide desktop trading services to its clients.

General Benefits and Disadvantages



  • Social Trading
  • Multiple Instruments


  • Only available on Mobile



  • Degiro charges one of the lowest fees in the financial markets
  • The platform is highly reputable, as is it regulated by some of the top-tier regulatory bodies in the Netherlands.
  • It can be used on Web and Mobile.
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  • The Forex market is not tradable on Degiro
  • Degiro does not accept credit card deposits

Tradable Instruments


Degiro gives you access to market classes. These include commodities, stocks, futures, and options. CFDs Forex pairs, however, are not available on Degiro.


BUX offers users access to many stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Customer Support


Degiro Customer Support is good, not great. The live chat option is not available, and email support is just not as fast.


Just like Degiro, BUX also has no active live chat support.

Which is Better: BUX or Degiro

It’s mostly a question of functionality and intent. If you’re looking for a versatile platform that charges the littlest fees on your trades, then Degiro is an excellent option for you. However, if you’re looking for one of the best CopyTrading platforms out there to get signals from pros and trade on the go, then BUX might be the better option for you.

Also, if you love to trade the Forex market, by default, BUX becomes the default option for you because the Forex Market is not Available on Degiro.

Visit here to begin trading with Degiro.

You can also click here to begin your trading journey with BUX.

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