BUX Vs. eToro, which is better?

BUX and eToro are two widely known, reputable brokers, but which should you consider if you had to pick one over the other? It’s yet another time to look at these market makers and decide which is best for you.


BUX is a mobile-only social trading application that implements Ayondo technology to publish the ranks of traders on the platforms based on the trades they take and the profits they have been able to amass in times past. BUX does not only publish the profits on good trades. It publishes the losses on trades as well. As such, it provides the most accurate depiction of trader reputation.

This simple quality can help other traders select who to follow and implement CopyTrading techniques to copy such reputable traders’ trades.


Like BUX, eToro is also a social trading platform- one of the earliest- that facilitates smooth and easy trading among clients. It sports a platform that allows interactions between clients and users and also is compatible with CopyTrading.

The markets can be engaged through the multiple tradable classes of assets eToro provides, and winning trades can be initiated on the easy-to-use interface with just the push of a button.

BUX Vs. Etoro Comparison

Tradable Markets


BUX offers a wide selection of US and European stocks, commodities, currencies, futures, and cryptocurrencies. It is left for the user to select and work with the markets they find most appealing or, in most cases, familiar with trading.


eToro provides premium access to over 2,000 tradable assets. This includes currencies, commodities, Options, Futures, and the cryptocurrency market. There is a wild selection of assets within each class of tradable instruments. This allows traders all the options that they crave.

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Trading Software


BUX is only compatible with mobile devices. This means only two platforms are available: Android platforms and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick up your PC to trade with BUX.


eToro can be accessed on both mobile and PC. So, whichever you find most convenient- trading on the go with your mobile or settling down on your PC, it’s up to you to choose.

Pros and Cons



What advantages come with using BUX? Here are some of them:

  • Unique Ayondo concept
  • High-level Security
  • Great User Interface
  • Only suitable for mobile
  • No actual tradable stocks.


We’ve looked at some pros and cons of trading with BUX. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of using eToro in your trading.

  • No charged commission on stocks and CFDs
  • Access to a great selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Social Trading
  • U.S eToro traders are limited to cryptocurrency trading for now. They can’t trade other markets like forex, equities, or commodities.

Which is better: BUX or eToro

BUX is a good choice when it comes to mobile social trading. However, suppose you’re searching for that little extra to take your trading experience to the next level- in terms of an enhanced user experience and more tradable assets. In that case, it’d be much better to go with eToro. To begin trading with BUX, click here.

To begin trading with eToro, click here.

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