Civilization Fund. Why you need to buy $CIV and future price prediction

A lot of investors fail to make a profit because a few experts have appointed themselves as gatekeepers to the financial markets. And while that status quo is being challenged by DeFi, most traders still don’t have improved performance. This is where the Civilization Fund comes in. 

Using the $CIV token and AI, this platform may finally achieve true equality among investors, claiming up to 30x returns in a year. Let’s see how the team plans to achieve this goal and if it’s worth your attention. 

How Civilization Fund and $CIV work

To understand Civilization Fund, think of it as something like an ETF or mutual fund. Every member of the community owns a share of the fund by holding $CIV, thus earning from the growth of the fund. 

At the time of publication, the fund has a market capitalization of over $59 million and is ranked #581 on CoinMarketCap. Considering that $CIV was only launched on 31 July 2021, that’s not insignificant growth in 3 months!

What makes this particular fund different from other DeFi projects, though, is that it uses AI. a team of experienced traders contribute to this too, of course, but it is the AI technology that makes decisions on specific investments. 

To further keep the system free from human influence, the entire community votes on every decision affecting the network. These decisions are made public through social platforms like Twitter and Telegram so that everything is above board. 


When $CIV was created and launched on 31 July, 300 million tokens were created. No more coins will be created as the tokens are not mintable. They all exist on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token, and all have been committed into the Uniswap v2 liquidity pool. Even the creators of the Civilization Fund don’t have access to the tokens, meaning there’s no risk of hacking or rug pools such as the case with Squid Coin. 

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Those who hold the $CIV coin, they receive 80% of the rewards from their investment. According to the project whitepaper (CivPaper), this can be as high as 1% ROI/day, equivalent to 30x return over 365 days (1 year). 

How to get started

The first thing you need is to buy $CIV, which can be acquired from DEXes or CEXes. It has been recently listed on Bittrex, one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, where you can even buy the coin using fiat. 

However, the most common source is Uniswap, but you will need to purchase ETH first to complete the transaction. We have reviewed plenty of crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance where you can get ETH. 

Is it as good as promised?

Although Civilization Fund is still relatively new, its climb has been proof that the technology does hold promise. The price chart below clearly illustrates this growth and proves that investors have confidence. 

The token has been audited by MythX and verified by Etherscan to prove it works. But one of the biggest reasons to trust the technology is that it is getting accepted by major exchanges such as Bittrex. These exchanges are usually cautious when listing new coins and it proves that $CIV has passed their strict standards.

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