Coinbase Card Vs Card: Which is Better?

Coinbase and are two of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, and these platforms offer cards that one can use in crypto transactions, the way you would an ATM Card. These card systems were created to make cryptocurrency transactions easier and less cumbersome.

Coinbase Cards

Coinbase cards are funded through your Coinbase wallets. These cards are Visa cards available internationally that can be used for PIN purchases and ATM withdrawals, and you can make contactless purchases through the app. It supports up to nine cryptocurrencies. Cards cards are also issued by Visa, and it allows you to convert your crypto assets into fiat for spending. app allows you to exchange, buy and send cryptocurrency through the card. offers cards with excellent reward offers.

How Coinbase Card Works 

You have to first download the Coinbase card app, then connect it with your account. When you have done this, you will be able to securely store all your crypto assets, just like you would at a bank. There is even the option to freeze your card in case it gets stolen or missing. 

How Card Works 

Download the app, go through the onboarding process, select the card and choose to be notified by push notifications when the card is ready to ship. ships cards to Singapore, the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific countries, and European Union. 

Similarities Between Coinbase Cards and Cards

Coinbase and cards are similar in many ways. They both come with applications that allow you to manage how your assets are spent. With the apps, you can top-up your card, check your spending histories and generally do all the things you would do with fiat currencies.

  • Card Type: Both  cards are Visa cards
  • Security: Both cards are secure, with you needing to go through a verification process before you get them. There are also fail-safes and systems to ensure that your card, and in general, your account, is secure every step of the way.
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Differences between Coinbase Cards and Cards

  • Rewards: cards come with certain rewards when you use them. In fact, it has some of the best cash-back rewards on the market. For example, you’ll earn tokens – one percent with a free card and five percent with high-tier cards. Other rewards include free subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime. Coinbase, on the other hand, does not have as many rewards.
  • Crypto Asset Options: Coinbase cards support up to 9 coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, XLM, REP, and ZRX, Binance cards are only limited to BNB and BTC. cards also support some of the major currencies but also include CRO or MCO, tokens which is the major way of claiming your rewards and generally using the cards.

Which is better: Coinbase Cards or Cards?

While has an amazing reward system, Coinbase edges it out in terms of spending limits and general smoothness of operations or transactions, and an anti-fraud system. A few tweaks here and there though, and will have the advantage because of its outstanding rewards.

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