Coinbase Card Vs Wirex Card: Which is the Better Option?

We have compared a couple of crypto cards in the past, it’s time to compare two other fantastic crypto cards. You sure want to have a clear insight of the basic difference between the Coinbase card and the Wirex card. If you want to know which is better, continue reading to find out. 

Coinbase Cards 

This is a Visa debit card that gives you the chance to spend the money you have in your Coinbase portfolio and also earn rewards while you use it. With this card, you can make payments anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted across the globe. 

It can be used with all ATMs, online checkout interface, and payment terminals that are Visa compatible. It works with a mobile application that allows you to control the way you’d like to spend your crypto. In the United States, customers will get a virtual card as soon as they sign up and within 2 weeks, they’ll get a plastic card.

Wirex Cards 

Wirex has introduced its multi-currency. It is a Visa payment card that makes traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies equal. It doesn’t charge an exchange fee, and you will also get rewards of up to 2 percent for your purchases with the card. You can make use of the card on any website or place that accepts Visa cards. 

It works in a very simple way. If you apply for Wirex debit card, normally, you will get the card within 5 working days. You only need to pay a monthly fee of £1 to have it. As soon as you get it, it’ll be connected to the wallet app on your mobile device. 

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Similarities between Coinbase Cards and Wirex Cards

Of course, we know that these cards are different and will surely have their unique features, but they’ve also got some similar features which are briefly discussed below: 

  • Verification: Both Coinbase and Wirex Cards Require some form of verification before you’ll be able to get them. The purpose of this is for users not to collect multiple cards.
  • Security: Both are highly secured. Wirex tried its best to make sure that your crypto assets are secured in your wallet. The security features it provides include SSL for every communication, confirmation of email address, multi-signature technology, and 2FA authentication. 

For Coinbase, it is 1 of the 4 exchanges that have a New York license, and that have strict KYC (Know Your Customer) restrictions. In only the US, it’s got over 40 operation licenses. It relies on the topmost security measures to make sure your money is secure.

Unique Features of Wirex Card

This card has a loyalty token called WXT. Your cashback rewards are determined by the amount of WXT you hold. But you can only use this model on in-store payments; that means you’ll not get any benefit when you use the ATM or online purchases. 

Unique Features of Coinbase Card

There are no fees attached to converting USDC on Coinbase. But you need to pay a transaction fee of 2.49% for every other crypto on all purchases. With the US launch of Coinbase, they’ll not offer cash-back rewards to European customers. 

Which is better: Coinbase Card or Wirex Card?

Although, Coinbase and Wirex offer excellent Visa cards, and when it comes to security, you really have nothing to worry about, the one you choose to use definitely depends on what you need it for. Wirex still takes the crown here as you get your card faster and it also offers more rewards for purchases with the card.

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