Creaticles platform and token price predictions 2022 – 2026

There’s a new NFT marketplace on Creaticles! But this isn’t any ordinary NFT marketplace to just buy already available NFTs, on Creaticles you can commission artists to make something unique… just for you. It’s an incredible idea bound to change how we think on NFTs and now could be the time for you to get involved in the project.

How the Creaticles platform works

The main goal of Creaticles is to link artists to consumers. If you’re interested in acquiring a unique NFT, all you have to do is join the platform and submit your request. This could be anything you desire and thanks to a large number of artists, you won’t have a shortage of options. 

Once your request is made, you will receive submissions from the interested artists and can pick any you like. You will also be required to make a deposit for the request in ETH. If you don’t already have ETH in your crypto wallet, it can be purchased from a crypto exchange like Coinbase or Binance. 

Creaticles is also the ideal platform for artists and graphic designers because one can sell their art through a decentralized platform. For instance, the Creaticles team itself ran an NFT contest to get a new Twitter banner. It ran for a few days and the winner was awarded 0.0975 ETH out of 26 submissions. 

There are currently 7 active requests on the platform and hundreds of submissions at the time of publication. Artists get rewarded for their work based on the type of request made as we shall see in the next section. This means that artists now have a new avenue to showcase their art and make money out of it. 

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A total of 1 billion CRE8 tokens were created at launch, acting as the native currency for the Creaticles platform. These tokens are then distributed only to those participating in the community, either by making requests or submitting NFTs. 

Creaticles has not been clear as to how many CRE8 requesters and artists earn on the whitepaper, but the project will be using the token to incentivize active trading. And when a requester fails to select a winner, the unspent tokens are distributed across the community of CRE8 holders. 

Is it worth investing in?

Creaticles is a relatively new project that was only launched early in 2021. Since then, a number of contests have been held after the testnet was launched on 2 August 2021. The Ethereum mainnet launch would go live later in December after the project was complete. 

It quickly gained a lot of interest from users and was even trending on CoinMarketCap, which is a big deal considering there are over 15k other cryptos. To find the list of holders and activities, visit Etherscan because CRE8 is an ERC-20 token. More updates on the project are posted on Twitter and Telegram where there is a thriving community of supporters and investors. 

Unfortunately, the CRE8 token is still not available on CEXes. The only way to acquire the token is either by participating on the platform or on CoinList. Over 500 crypto startups applied for a coveted position to pitch on CoinList Seed. Creaticles was selected as one of 8 of the most promising projects to participate in the recent Fall 2021 CoinList Seed batch.

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Although this was good news for the project, it came at a time when cryptos in general are suffering a bear run. That explains the slumping price chart on CoinGecko above for $CRE8. Nevertheless, this does not mean there’s anything inherently wrong with the project. On the contrary, it’s just a momentary setback bound to get corrected in time. 

After all, Creaticles is the first bespoke NFT platform. Given the current price of $0.038, it’s unlikely that this will change before the end of 2021. However, we expect to see a price of $0.05 in Q1 2022 and perhaps $0.1 before the end of 2022. As the project continues to grow in popularity, it’s not unlikely that it will be worth over $1 before 2026 and probably even higher. 

Creaticles token price forecast FAQs

What is the current value of CRE8?

$0.03809840 on CoinGecko.

What will be the highest price forecast for CRE8 in 2022?

We believe it will be worth $0.1.

Is Creaticles a good investment?

Yes, as the project continues to grow. 

How much will CRE8 be in 2026?

At least $1 by 2026… or more. 

How high can CRE8 go?

The sky’s the limit.

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