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Crypto Insurance Brokers: Top 5 Companies Providing Cover For Crypto

Although blockchain technology is inherently secure, storage of crypto is not completely so. That is why there have been so many incidents of hacking and theft amounting to $1.9 billion in 2020. However, several crypto insurance brokers have been trying to provide security to investors for their digital assets. These are the companies we shall be looking into in this article that can help you protect your capital. 

Lloyd’s of London

Through one of its underwriters, Atrium, Lloyd’s has made its entry into crypto insurance. It’s not completely unexpected, though, since several UK-based insurers including Allianz and AIG formed the London Market Group in 2016. But now Lloyd’s is working directly in collaboration with Coincover. 

The latter is a startup founded in 2018 to offer insurance for digital assets held in hot wallets. As of September 2021, Coincover had $11 million in funding from investors such as Avon Ventures, DRW Venture Capital, CMT Digital and more. Now, Lloyd’s will become an underwriter to these insurance policies bringing Lloyd’s deeper into crypto insurance

Together, the insurance giant and Coincover will begin providing coverage starting from £1,000 up to $1 million. Interested users will be able to protect their digital assets from unforeseen circumstances such as theft, loss of private keys and even the failure of a crypto exchange or smart contract. 


Unlike Lloyd’s that is directed at all crypto users, Evertas provides a solution mainly for crypto brokers. This is because typical coverage from the company covers assets valued at $1 million or more. Nevertheless, individual investors can still be covered provided your broker works with Evertas. 

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Founded in 2017, it was among the first crypto insurance brokers and has enjoyed significant attention from investors. As of date, the company has received $8.6 million in funding according to CrunchBase. Among those investors are Morgan Creek Digital, CMT, Wave partners and many others. 

One of the standout features offered by Evertas is a full lifecycle insurance product. This ensures that policyholders are protected throughout the length they hold the insurance policy. The coverage covers theft, loss of private keys, kidnap & ransom among a whole range of situations. It has also been fully regulated and has a dedicated team of adjustments claims so that payouts can be made quickly. 

KASE Insurance

KASE is an already established insurance company based in Toronto, Canada. It offers commercial insurance for property, automobiles, construction and more with coverage in excess of $50 million. This covers both individuals and small businesses, and now the company is becoming the latest among crypto insurance brokers. 

Our review of KASE Insurance has shown the company as a trusted entity that has been active since 2016. But to get a quote for crypto insurance, you need to contact the company directly as this is not the primary business. All the same, it is certainly worth considering if you need crypto insurance. 

Superscript Enterprise

Another institution-focused crypto insured broker, Superscript has what it takes to cover digital assets. It was first launched in 2015 as Digital Risks to cover online-based businesses in a world rife with fraud. Cryptocurrencies are the same, if not worse, and the company wants to protect your digital assets. 

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Coverage is offered for theft by hackers and employees, professional indemnity and D&O. To get an exact quote, though, you will have to contact the company directly for a tailor-made agreement. 


News that the world’s second-largest insurance broker by revenue would be getting into crypto insurance has naturally peaked our interest. The announcement was made in March 2021 when AON stated it was running a pilot project with Nayms. 

The company is among the few crypto insurance brokers providing coverage for digital assets. Started in 2019, Nayms wants to combine the transparency of distributed ledger technology (DLT) with cryptocurrency and insurance.

But unlike other similar projects, Nayms will source its funds from traditional insurance firms and not from retail investors. According to the CEO Dan Roberts, this is because the company doesn’t expect enough capital from individuals to cover the trillion dollar crypto market. 

While this makes the project less decentralised, payouts can be made faster for claims. And with the backing of a major insurance company such as AON, the project goal may be realized very soon. 

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