Digible Review – Should you buy this new crypto?

What is Digible?

Digible is the world’s first NFT market that blends the sweet world of NFTs and backs it up with physical card collectibles. This means that for every NFT listed on the Digible platform, there is a rare physical card collectible associated with it.

While the platform provides physical collectible cards, it also allows users to trade its $DIGI and get their own share of the profit generated by the platform.

The main objective of the platform is to provide a platform for users looking to exchange NFT cards on a reliable source. Ultimately, Digible is looking to make the world of NFT collectibles even more secure for gamers and Digible users. The platform is currently ranked #2868 on CoinMarketCap with a fully diluted market cap of $13,563,611.

Features of Digible

Being the first of its kind, Digible sports some pretty unique features. Some of these features include:

  1. Security: The main aim of Digible appears to be completely eliminating the possibility of scam associated with NFTs. Knowing that there are online physical cards registered and stored in a DigiSafe, you can be 100% confident buying any card listed on the Digible marketplace. All the listed cards are also graded with the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), hence, no doubt about its authenticity.
  2. Variety: Digible features another market for artists and creatives looking to sell their works as NFTs. This also means that collectible cards acquired from other platforms can be easily sold on Digible.
  3. Interactive Combat: Digible allows users to enter fun duels with other Digible users by betting their cards and tokens. A random selection decides who wins the other person’s token after the brawl.
  4. Auction: Users with over 3000 DIGI tokens can participate in auctions where they can get to sell their digital cards and NFTs.
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The Digible Marketplace

The Digible market place, as we have already discussed gives room for variety. Physical cards with reliable, authenticated value can be bought and sold on the platform- without physical access- in a section of the market that is entirely dedicated to them. Other NFT card owners and artists can come from other platforms to sell their artwork on Digible.

Digible Fees on Auction Feature and Duels

Digible charges a 10% fee for every auction or sale of NFTs or rare physical cards on the platform. 5% of the charges will be sucked straight into the staking pool. The remaining 5% will account for other expenses involved in the transactions. Remember, before you can even take part in an auction, you need to hold a minimum of 3000 $DIGI tokens.

Digible will also charge a total of 1% on all duels on the DigiDuel platform. 0.7% of the charges swims right into the staking pool while the remaining 0.3% POOFs into thin air.

Other Auction Guides

Looking to take part in a Digible Auction? Here are some important things you might want to know:

  • Physical cards in auction will be locked and inaccessible during the auctions.
  • Auctions will be handled by smart contracts
  • You can request that your physical collectible card be sent to your personal address.
  • You have the option of keeping your acquired collectible in the DigiSafe till you intend to sell it or have it physically delivered to you.
  • Acquired collectible cards can be reauctioned on Digible for profit.

Using Digible Unique Services

Besides purchasing physical cards, NFTs, and artworks, Digible offers some more unique services; DigiDuel, DigiSafe, and DigiGrade.

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DigiDuel allows you to engage other Digible users in a winner gets all battle. To engage the DigiDuel, all you need to do is place your DIGI tokens and NFTs as bet and select a color of your choice. Digible’s protocol will randomly select the winner of the draw. The winner of the DigiDuel gets the loser’s NFTs and tokens.


While you can receive a digital version of your card on Digible, you can be rest assured that your physical card is being stored away in a DigiSafe until you call for it. The digital version of your card can be used to track your physical card at any point in time.


DigiGrade is most synonymous with the ledger system of the blockchain as it helps Digible users to continually transact with other Digible users without the need to trust them. The DigiGrade feature on Digible provides confirmations that the cards are valid and truly rare.

Final Thoughts

The value of NFTs continues to rise by the day. Within the last year, it bounced to four times its worth. We have seen NFTs sold for more than $69 million and by the look of things, the value will only increase with the years.

Seeing such a goldmine of wealth, a lot of scammers will look to fill the NFT space and look to sell fake NFTs to users across the globe. It is safe to say that the presence of a reliable source like Digible has never been timelier.

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