Does eToro Have A Bitcoin Wallet and How Good Is It?

Have you been wondering whether eToro has a Bitcoin wallet? Now is your moment of truth. Let’s discover if the crypto giant has a bitcoin wallet. If not, we want to know what they use and how they operate.

Yes or No?

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Drum rolls!!

Yes! eToro has a Bitcoin wallet. This digital cryptocurrency wallet supports over 120 cryptocurrencies and allows you to buy, store, sell, trade, receive, and transfer all supported coins. Hence, even if you trade beyond Bitcoin and other popular coins, you’re covered.

Does it have any unique benefits? 

Yes, eToro wallets have some high-grade benefits that smoothen your crypto trading experience. Here are a few of those benefits:

  1. Cross-crypto exchange: With eToro’s Bitcoin wallet, you can easily exchange Bitcoin for any other cryptocurrency of your choice. Are you looking to buy some Ethereum or Ripple coins? You can get it done within a few minutes on the eToro wallet. 
  2. Secure Private Key: The eToro wallet features a safe and secure digital private key that can help you recover access to your wallet if ever the need arises. Let’s hope it doesn’t. But if it does, eToro has got you covered.
  3. On-chain Address: Would you like to receive, store, or transfer Bitcoin within the blockchain? You can make use of the eToro on-chain unique address feature to facilitate your transfer and transactions. 

eToro Wallet is one of the safest ways to ensure timely, hitch-free Bitcoin transactions within the wallet and across the blockchain. It is quite simple and easy to use.

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How to send Bitcoin to your eToro Bitcoin Wallet

Transferring bitcoin to your eToro Bitcoin is a very simple affair. To access your eToro Bitcoin wallet:

  1. Download the eToro app from Play Store, sign up, and log in on your mobile.
  2. Click on Edit Trade.
  3. Search for the Invested section.
  4. If you’re eligible to transfer, you should see the transfer tab under the section. 

How to Send Bitcoins from your eToro wallet to another wallet

  1. Launch eToro and log in to your wallet account.
  2. Navigate to the Balance tab. Click.
  3. Select your Bitcoin wallet.
  4. Click the Send option.
  5. Select the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send and enter your receiver’s address. You can scan the QR Code instead to enter the address automatically.
  6. Tap Send.
  7. You will receive a verification code via your registered SMS. 
  8. Input the code and complete your Bitcoin transfer.

You can follow up on the status of your transactions via the Transactions tab.

PS: Do note that transfers are not processed on weekends or National Holidays.

Begin Your Journey Today

While you know now that eToro has a Bitcoin wallet you can take advantage of, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of storing, trading, and transferring your bitcoin as often as you want to. You can also launch a wallet for all the other cryptocurrencies you trade and begin a much smoother journey to the Cryptocurrency Paradise.

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