Doge Universe Price prediction for 2025 and how it plans to get there

A lot of meme coins have been launched on the back of Dogecoin’s success. Clearly, Doge Universe is as its name literally suggests. However, you may not want to dismiss this particular project as just another meme-coin. After doing some more research on it, there appears to be more than meets the eye. We would like to highlight some of those notable features to help you decide if it’s a good investment for you. 

What Doge Universe does

Most other meme-coins simply ride on the back of the success of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Doge Universe, though, has gone a step further to create an actual ecosystem with real value. The project even combines different uses of crypto to become truly… universal.


Here, gaming is combined with NFTs to create a unique environment. Gamers wishing to participate will be required to either enter their own copyrighted NFT characters or buy from the Doge Universe Marketplace. These characters can then compete with other gamers for prizes in Doge Packets, which can enable upgrading of NFTs or rewards in $SPACExDOGE. 

In addition to the rewards they earn, gamers also act as miners on the network. Using a Proof of Gaming (PoG) system, the network stays active for all other users and investors. 

Create a launchpad for meme-coins

Given the huge number of meme-coins being launched, investors will need a trusted source of information. Doge Universe wants to become THE platform with the launch of an Initial Meme Offering (IMO) platform. Here, developers who want to launch their coins will submit their project and have it analyzed. 

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The Doge Universe team will then conduct in-depth research to prove that it’s legit before being listed. That way, investors can avoid scams and rug pulls that have become very common lately. 

Combating inflation

This project uses a hybrid deflationary mechanism (HDM) to keep the value of $SPACExDOGE elevated consistently. It begins with an 8% fee charged on all transactions conducted. 3% of this fee is locked in the liquidity fund for easier transactions on platforms like PancakeSwap. 3% is burned from existence to reduce supply. Remember, only 100 billion tokens were created after being launched. 

The remaining 2% is distributed among holders as reward to incentivize holding $SPACExDOGE. It is a BEP-20 token and you can find the contract address on BscScan here. To see what others are saying about it, check out the Twitter and Telegram channels run by the team. 

How successful has Doge Universe been so far?

There are a few hallmarks of a successful crypto project to consider whenever you’re thinking of investing. One is having a strong team behind it, and Doge Universe seems to have that. Most other meme coins don’t have a known team, but here you can see and interact with them. 

That confidence has already translated to widespread acceptance in the cryptosphere. For example, the price chart below from Poocoin shows that investors have been pouring money into the project since launch. It has also been listed on some of the top crypto resources like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko – all signs of a strong project. 

Moving forward, we expect to see continued growth from the current price of $0.00025. So far in November, the price has soared over 5x and if this continues toward the end of 2021, we might see one 0 dropped. As we approach 2025 and all goes according to the roadmap, it’s not too far-fetched to anticipate up to 100x growth. However, this is still a risky investment and there are no guarantees of a steady return. 

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