G2 Crypto Gaming on the Telegram Network

Online gaming has really picked up pace in the past decade and has an estimated CAGR of 11.4% from 2021 to 2028. So rapid has the change been that even giant casino houses are moving some of their operations online. However, players are still prone to scam websites, which is what G2 Crypto gaming wants to change. 

The idea behind this project is to make access easier while improving security and raising the rewards. Gamers naturally have a lot of questions so we’re going to answer your most urgent ones here to help you decide if you might want to join. 

What is G2 Crypto Gaming?

The G2 Crypto gaming team is responsible for creating lottery and arcade games. These are the same games you would play in a physical or online casino. The games are then packaged in the form of a bot and an interface through which the player interacts with the bot. 

Currently, the games are only offered through the G2 Telegram group which is free for everyone to join. Over time, G2 Crypto Gaming hopes to attract other partners to rent the bot license and offer the games on different platforms. Nevertheless, G2 Crypto Gaming insists on offering the games through social media platforms for easy access to everyone. 

How it works

The project will revolve around the G2 token, a BEP-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You can find the token’s contract address on BscScan if you’re interested in buying it. Gamers who want to participate will purchase the token through DEXes like PancakeSwap. It is currently not listed on Uniswap or CEXes like Binance or Coinbase. 

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Once a player has purchased the token, they can then use it to play any games on the G2 Telegram group. Alternatively, the player can choose to keep their G2 tokens, in which case they are held in a staking pool. Stakers earn consistent returns from the pool just by holding the token as a method of passive income. 

Progress in G2 Crypto Gaming and future price predictions

G2 Crypto gaming kicked off with a listing on PinkSale starting on 2 November. A day later, the hard cap of 1500 BNB was raised and the presale was closed on 3 November. At the time of publishing, this means over $838k was raised in a day. 

No wonder the price chart below from Poocoin shows the value of the G2 token shooting up on 2 November. However, the price has since dropped to pre-pre sale values and the token is trending sideways.

This chart shows that G2 Crypto Gaming did indeed receive some hype but it appears to have died down. We had a chance to try gaming on Telegram through the telegram group but were unable to, meaning the games are still in development. Therefore, although the project is live, it still doesn’t have any real-world use. 

On the other hand, the staking pool seems to offer better prospects. The current return of staking on this pool is 95% APY according to the project whitepaper. At that rate, it translates to a 32,000% return over 5 years. In fact, as long as other partners join the network, there may be up to a 243x return over 5 years. 

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While possible, such predictions are very ambitious and only tenable if the project goes according to plan. That makes it a risky investment and you should only give it a shot if you can take the risk.

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