Galaxy Heroes Coin: Investing in $GHC and price prediction 2022-2025

Galaxy Heroes is a complete ecosystem that incorporates various features of DeFi. The project was created to be a platform where crypto enthusiasts could enjoy all advantages of DLTs from a single place. It’s powered by Galaxy Heroes Coin ($GHC) and Galaxy Heroes Earn ($GHE) to make sure everyone can access its benefits. 

In about 3 months since its launch on 1 October 2021, the project has already received a lot of attention including being listed on CEXs and over $100 million in market capitalization. At the moment of publishing, Galaxy Heroes Coin on CoinMarketCap is trending and listed at #512. It’s a big deal given there are nearly 15k cryptos in total. Therefore, let’s see what makes $GHC such a lucrative investment.

About the Galaxy Heroes ecosystem

At its heart, the Galaxy Heroes token is a DeFi token meant to provide rewards for holders. The rewards are issued in the form of $GHC derived from a tax charged for buying or selling the token. 

Where to buy $GHC

You can find Galaxy Heroes on PancakeSwap and Galaxy Heroes on DEXTools paired against BNB, USDT or GHE. Through other platforms like Galaxy Heroes CoinGecko, you can see the Galaxy Heroes Coin price in USD. 

Next, you will need to buy BNB tokens from your preferred crypto exchange such as Binance or Coinbase. Once you have the tokens in your crypto wallet, switching to $GHC should be pretty straightforward. The most important thing is to ensure you use the right Galaxy Heroes contract address. If you still have trouble, visit the Galaxy Heroes Coin official website to read the instructions.

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A 9% tax is charged in $GHC for every token that is either bought or sold. Of this amount, it is distributed toward the liquidity pool (LP) (3%), buybacks (2%), development (2%) and marketing (2%). All these measures are meant to artificially raise the value of $GHC so that holders have a high performing token. Although reflections were also offered in the past, this was eliminated to qualify for listing on top tier CEXes. 

Additional features of Galaxy Heroes

However, there are thousands of such coins in the market without the same success of Galaxy Heroes Coin. To set itself apart, Galaxy heroes will also introduce a decentralized exchange (DEX) and staking farms. 

These features are already active proving that the platform is more than just hype. At the same time, there will also be an NFT marketplace and gaming platform. 2,500 unique NFTs are already available and the game is to be launched later. 

For gaming, an additional token named Galaxy Heroes Earn ($GHE) will be used. It won’t be tradeable on DEXes and CEXes but will instead act as the native token for the gaming area. Meanwhile, exchange of $GHC and $GHE will further raise the amount of tax collected and reward investors.

Galaxy Heroes Coin price performance

When you look at the Galaxy Heroes Coin Poocoin price chart above, it’s clear the value of $GHC has been on the rise since launch. Moreover, unlike other DeFi tokens that only enjoy brief hype, Galaxy Heroes Coin has continued to maintain its value. In this sense, it is a well-performing token compared to other similar options. 

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Considering that it’s trending right now and that most of the ecosystem components are already live, there is hope that it will maintain its value into 2022. With the listing on additional CEXes according to the roadmap and the NFT gaming apps, this could send the coin’s value soaring higher. 

While it’s impossible to predict exactly what price $GHC will attain in 2022, we wouldn’t be surprised if it doubled in value toward its previous all-time high price. Toward 2025, predictions become dimmer but the project holds a lot of promise and may be a good investment. 

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