GamingDoge token future price predictions and why you should invest

The success of Dogecoin has spurred the creation of numerous other meme tokens. Some have actually been successful but many continue to struggle for any interest. That’s because they don’t offer any real utility, but GamingDoge aims to be a different kind of meme token. 

While taking advantage of the meme coin hype, the GamingDoge project aims to create real utility by including a decentralized exchange, NFT marketplace, and NFT games. It’s a tall order but remarkable if it can be accomplished. Let’s find out if this can be achieved and why you may want to be invested. 

What the GamingDoge platform does

At the heart of the GamingDoge platform is an ecosystem that includes multiple services. Chief among them is GDSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on which users will be able to exchange BEP-20 tokens. BEP-20 is a protocol by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) similar to Ethereum only much faster and scalable. 

Upon its launch, GDSwap will function like the PancakeSwap platform where most BEP-20 transactions are done. $GAMINGDOGE itself is a BEP-20 token and you can find the GamingDoge contract address on GamingDoge BscScan. By operating a DEX, collected fees will be used as rewards for investors in the GamingDoge project. 

The next components of the ecosystem are an NFT marketplace and games. These will further add to the ecosystem and provide a platform where users can perform all the popular crypto functions from a single platform. 

Once the fees are collected from the different components of the ecosystem, they are used within the platform and as rewards. For instance, 1% of the 13% tax charged for transactions is automatically redistributed to holders as $GamingDoge tokens. Meanwhile, 8% is added to an auto prize fund from which holders will be rewarded bi-weekly. The final 4% is used to boost the liquidity pool and provide stability from rug pools and price fluctuation. 

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GamingDoge token price and performance

You can find the token price from GamingDoge Poocoin where it is paired with BNB. Alternatively, GamingDoge CoinMarketCap will show you the GamingDoge to USD rate. In both cases, you will see that the price is trading at 5x the launch price despite dropping 75% from the all-time high value. 

That all-time high value was reached with the coin’s listing on websites such as CoinGecko, giveaways, and  GamingDoge airdrops. Nevertheless, the community support through groups like GamingDoge Telegram continues to grow and now has over 20k members. For a relatively new token in a highly competitive market, this is significant growth and impressive performance. 

Future price predictions 2022 – 2025

In order to keep up with the current performance rate, GamingDoge is planning to launch all components of the ecosystem. The roadmap doesn’t indicate the exact date, but it’s possible to at least have the gaming facilities before the end of 2021 or in early 2022. Then, the project will engage in an aggressive marketing campaign to pull in more investors while working on the NFT marketplace and listing on Tier 1 CEXes. 

It is absolutely necessary to launch these products to keep investors interested, in which case the price of $GamingDoge could increase by 2x within the first quarter of 2022. Given that the all-time high value is even higher, it’s possible to surpass this level before the end of 2022 provided the roadmap is followed through.

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