Hot Bunnies NFT Collection Review

Hot Bunnies is slowly making its name in the cryptocurrency arena as it continuously changes how NFT holders handle their NFT collection. With their unique and innovative ways of approaching NFTs, they’re shaking the foundations of the industry by evidently bringing back the Playboy Mansion’s glory days through establishing an online community. 

What is Hot Bunnies NFT?

Hot Bunnies NFT is primarily known for their uniqueness in daring entertainment, paired with next-level security, exclusivity, and privacy that most NFT holders don’t usually experience in the landscape. Their Bunny Palace’s parties are a testament to this, with the place limiting membership to merely a hundred token holders who would first have to obtain at least two out of the 200 NFT Golden Key Hot Bunnies. 

These parties are among the most prominent parties held within NFT spaces and are usually often celebrated four times each year in sought-after values across the globe. In this case, the first Hot Bunnies party will be in Miami in January 2022.

At every party, attendees will always have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and abide by a no-phone policy while the events are going on. On top of that, well-known models, influencers, and celebrities are also often invited to join these exciting events. 

Furthermore, its Hot Bunnies NFT collection allows private holders to have a unique experience. These tokens serve as a leeway for revolutionizing the blockchain landscape and elevating the standards for other creators to not focus solely on investment opportunities but utility at the same time. 

About the Developer 

Led by Marco Stefan, Hot Bunnies NFT was founded with the extraordinary vision to take NFTs up a notch. Here, the creators took inspiration from attractive females as models for their now-iconic NFT collections. Even though such designs entice people at first sight, most usually go for the value that these NFTS have. 

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How to buy it?

Hot Bunnies is currently rolling out a collection filled with 9696 cartoon-designed blockchain Hot Bunnies where each Hot Bunny is minted at 2 SOL during the minting Main Sale day, held last November 29. For purchase, you can check the official Hot Bunnies website for minting or for selling, buying, and then trading after. 

Furthermore, there’s also a huge giveaway that’s organized, amounting to up to $500,000. Here, NFT holders get the chance to win a Luxury Rolex, 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo, Cartier Watches, 2021 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe, or even a $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency. 

The Hot Bunnies are not only valuable NFTs but are also a ticket for a Hot Bunnies Club membership, allowing them to constantly be updated on recent happenings in the Bunny Palace. 

What makes Hot Bunnies NFT unique? 

Hot Bunnies NFT’s collection and club parties make it one of the most highly-coveted NFTs, among others. With how Hot Bunnies work, holders do not only have the chance to own exclusive digital artwork, but they also receive invites to exclusive parties where they can meet and socialize with a variety of models, celebrities, and more. Both the Hot bunnies club and the Hot Bunnies NFT collection are concepts that are foreign yet unique to the industry, making it redefine the idea of being NFT collectors and founders.


Where to buy Hot Bunnies NFTs?

If you are planning to buy Hot Bunnies NFTs, you can explore Solsea. You can also try minting and buying on the official website of Hot Bunnies.

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How much do I need to buy Hot Bunnies NFTs?

For as low as 1.80 SOL, you can already own a Hot Bunnies NFT. The highest amount you would need is 99,999 SOL if you have a large amount of crypto to spare.

Do I need a large amount of crypto to buy these NFTs?

No, you don’t need a lot. For as low as 1.80 SOL, you can already invest. You can always start small.

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