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How to Send Bitcoin From Coinbase to Another Wallet: A Complete Tutorial

Coinbase is one of the world’s top crypto exchanges currently supporting over 50 different coins including Bitcoin. The service allows you to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to other wallets whether from your computer or smartphone. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use either. And since we already showed you how to create a Binance wallet in a previous article, we’re going to be sending BTC to a Binance wallet. 

Desktop computer

From your computer browser, log into your Binance account or create a new one. Remember that you may need to verify your account before you can start any transactions. 

  1. Once logged in, hover your mouse over the Wallet button at the top toolbar to reveal a drop-down menu. Click on overview
  1. Click on the Deposit button on the next window
  1. A window will pop up asking you to choose between crypto and fiat. Select crypto because you are expecting to receive Bitcoin
  1. Select BTC from the list and your BTC wallet address will be visible
  1. You can copy this address now but also simply open a new tab on your browser. Log into your Coinbase account and from the top of the Dashboard click on Send / Receive
  1. Enter the value of BTC you want to send from your Coinbase wallet, paste the BTC wallet address from Binance and choose Bitcoin as the payment option

Mobile device

Before you can start, download both the Binance and Coinbase mobile wallet apps from the appropriate source – App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android devices. In this tutorial we will show you how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase using an Android device, but the process is the same on both operating systems. 

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From the Binance app

We will first start with the Binance app. Once installed, locate it on your home screen and open it. You will then need to sign into your account using the same details you used on the desktop. You may be asked to pass through security measures such as 2-factor authentication to verify your identity especially if it’s a different device.

  1. Once logged in, you will see the homescreen similar to the one in the left image below
  1. Tap on the Wallets button in the bottom menu bar to begin the process
  2. From the Wallets tab, tap on the Deposit button since you want to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance
  3. A list of cryptocurrencies will appear on the next screen. BTC is likely to be at the top, but if not use the search bar above to find it
  4. On the subsequent screen will be your BTC address as a string of numbers and letters or as a QR code. Copy the address

From the Coinbase app

Armed with the BTC address you plan to send Bitcoin to, now go back to your device homescreen and open the Coinbase app. If not already signed in, you must first do so using your credentials.

  1. From the landing page of the Coinbase app, you will see a circular button at the bottom-centre of the screen. This is the Exchange button; tap on it to begin
  1. You will be prompted on what kind of exchange you intend to perform. Here, tap on the Send button
  2. The following screen will ask you which coin you want to send and how much of it you own at the moment. In this case, select Bitcoin
  3. Enter the value of BTC you want to send in USD. For the experts, you can even switch to BTC and enter exactly how many satoshis you want to send
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  1. After this, tap on Not now because you already have the BTC address copied
  2. Paste the address on the screen that follows in the address bar. A confirmation window will be displayed for you to counter check the information. If satisfied, tap on Send now
  1. Depending on your settings, you may be required to pass 2-step verification. It can be by SMS or an authenticator app. Whichever the case, paste the code into the field
  2. The final window will confirm you have completed sending BTC to your Binance wallet

A few things to remember

Whenever you want to send Bitcoin from Coinbase, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Copy the Bitcoin address exactly as it is because transactions cannot be reversed afterwards
  2. Make sure the address is for the Bitcoin network and not any other cryptocurrency

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