Hyperchain X: The crypto platform for gamers and price predictions

The recent battle between YouTube and Twitch has highlighted just how popular online gaming and streaming are. However, gamers are still at the mercy of large companies to participate, but now it doesn’t have to be this way. Hyperchain X is out to become the next chosen platform for gamers using blockchain. Along with the network’s digital currency HYPER, this could be beneficial for enthusiasts and investors alike. Let’s see if and how this is possible. 

More about Hyperchain X

Blockchain has certainly revolutionized many industries including online gaming. As such, a number of crypto projects have been created to enable gaming on the blockchain. However, Hyperchain X is the first one to be fully community-driven and launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a BEP-20 token.  

It was launched on 2 April 2021 by Joshua Bruers (Josh Quantum) and Boy Dennis Hilling (Ninja Krypto). A number of advisors are also part of the team including Derek Tran who has a lot of experience in software development after working on various projects for Google, Samsung, etc. 

Since then the price of HYPER has more than tripled in value on CoinMarketCap. This has been thanks to a number of strides made by the project including the launch of the website, release of its whitepaper and being listed on PancakeSwap. The network has also been audited by Techrate to prove that it is fully functional and secure. 

What it does

The main goal of Hyperchain X is to provide a decentralized platform for gamers. On the platform, players will be able to play against each other and join tournaments where the winner(s) get paid in HYPER. Those games can also be live-streamed and the plays tokenized and sold as NFTs on the NFT marketplace. 

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Across the platform, HYPER will be the native currency for all transactions. It can be only bought through PancakeSwap and is yet to be listed on any major crypto exchange. In addition to paying for transactions, investors can also buy HYPER and by doing so help to boost the earnings of users and holders of the coin. 


Hyperchain X is fully community-driven. This means that it does not rely on funding from VC firms and institutional investors but instead relies on individual users. An 11% fee is charged for all transactions and then distributed to users already holding HYPER and the rest toward marketing and the liquidity pool. Among the networks used for advertisement is Twitter where you can always find updates on the platform’s progress and Telegram where community members can interact. 

Why you should think about investing in HYPER

One of the best things going for Hyperchain X is that it has a strong and reputable team behind the project. A lot of BEP-20 tokens are launched by faceless developers, sometimes being scammers. That is not the case here, and that makes the project safer to invest in. Besides, the smart contracts have already been audited by Techrate.

If you look at the coin’s price chart from Poocoin below, you can see that the coin’s value has steadily gone up ever since its launch. The current market capitalization is nearly $10 million with over 9,000 holders. Although not much compared to the top cryptos, it still represents a lot of acceptance by investors. 

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That being said, we find that it’s still early to make a huge investment in Hyperchain X. While there is indeed a lot of potential for such an investment, it can be even riskier than investing in other cryptos given the lower market cap and number of holders. If you still choose to make the investment, just be aware of the risk. 

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