MetaWaifus NFT Collection Review

With the rise of various NFT collections, there are several NFT projects out there to look out for. For instance, you might have heard of the MetaWaifus NFT collection. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the MetaWaifus NFT collection and tell you everything you need to know about this project. 

What is MetaWaifus NFT? 

MetaWaifus, also referred to as MW, is a huge collection of premium 3D NFT models of various “waifus.” Well, if you have absolutely no idea what the word waifu is, we won’t leave you in the dark. The word waifu is a fictional term that refers to characters whom you have great affection for. In this case, the waifus here are the three-dimensional model NFTs. 

And by looking at the website’s example models, these MetaWaifus truly embody waifu material with their amazing 3D looks. Moreover, the MetaWaifus Collection resides among the Solana blockchain and comprises a total of 5600 NFTs.

How To Mint MetaWaifu NFT? 

On December 3, 2021, you can now publicly mint your much-awaited MetaWaifus. So, to mint your much-wanted MetaWaifu NFT, all you need to do is to visit the site and connect your wallet. The wallet options for this NFT collection include Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Sollet, and the Sollet Extension. Lastly, the minting price for the MetaWaifu public mint costs 1.2 SOL. 

What Makes MetaWaifu NFT unique? 

So, what is the utility that comes with minting and owning a MetaWaifu NFT anyway? As previously mentioned, MetaWaifus recently launched its public minting process for everyone. Now that public minting went live for this NFT collection, we can now see this NFT collection progress with its public roadmap. This roadmap is posted on its official website. 

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But since things are still pretty fresh for this NFT collection, let’s first see what you can do by owning a MetaWaifu NFT and why it’s unique: 

1. Gain Exclusive Entry to the Metaverse

An interesting thing about the MetaWaifus collection is its much-awaited Metaverse where you can gain various content related to this NFT’s ecosystem of games and other related content. Such content includes animated shows and an upcoming visual novel game. This so-called Metaverse can be accessed by owning a MetaWaifu NFT.

2. Create Unique 3D In-Game Characters

Upon minting a MetaWaifu NFT, you now have a wonderful 3D model which can be used in the collection’s upcoming games and content. And these waifu models are extraordinary. After all, you can own all sorts of MetaWaifus in the Metaverse. This includes humans, onigiris, elves, and more. 

The possibilities for your dream MetaWaifu NFTs are endless. And based on the characters’ wonderful designs, we can see the hard work of this team’s animators, developers, and artists. In addition, once the MW NFT collection becomes huge in the Solana marketplace, users can visualize the NFT collection through its designated app. 

3. A Promising Roadmap for an Upcoming Play-to-Earn Game: 

When a particular amount of MetaWaifu NFTs is sold, players can expect an interesting play-to-earn game. From here, players can utilize their MetaWaifu NFTs and acquire tokens through the game. 

Why is it a good investment

The MetaWaifus NFT collection is still a budding project. Still, its official Twitter account gained over 6,000 followers in just three, which is pretty impressive for a relatively new project. With the variety of content in this collection’s Metaverse, you can have a swell time collecting waifus and consuming media related to it. 

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Overall, MetaWaifus is a promising NFT collection that can attract many waifu collectors and newbies out there. With its amazing visuals and promising content, the MetaWaifus NFT collection is truly an exciting NFT project to look out for.


Where to buy MetaWaifus NFTs?

You can buy MetaWaifus NFTs on Solsea. You can also opt for NFT minting, which can be done on the main website of the MetaWaifus.

How much should I prepare to buy these NFTs?

For as low as 0.89 SOL, you can already own an NFT.

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