Mini Kishu Inu: Coin price predictions for 2022 and why you should invest

Following in the success of Kishu Inu, Mini Kishu Inu was launched in October 2021. This project aims to capitalize on the increasing interest in 3 different trends – NFTs, DeFi and online gaming. Together, the team behing the project hope that both players and investors can benefit from using crypto while creating a fun platform for everyone involved. In the words from the Mini Kishu website, this will be the first digital creatures universe. Bold words, for sure, so we wanted to find out if they can back it up. 

How Mini Kishu works

The first aspect of the Mini Kishu ecosystem involves NFTs. 2,000 male MiniKishu NFTs will be created at launch and they will be bought using the MiniKishu token. To buy one, you will need at least 50 million tokens (5 BNB) to become eligible. Afterwards, female MiniKishu NFTs will be created and sold to holders of the token. Those who own both male and female tokens will be able to breed in order to create pups once every month. 

Being NFTs, different pups will have different values and can be sold to other users. However, their most important role is in the Mini Kishu game section. Holders lead their dogs through adventures toward the Messiah. This mystical creature has not yet been revealed, so it’s up to the players to discover. 

Finally, Mini Kishu can also be used in DeFi where investors can earn from holding the Minikishu token. Rewards are issued for stakers – those who hold the token – and the reward varies based on the number of tokens you have. 

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Unlike conventional investments where you pay to earn a reward, this ecosystem rewards you simply for holding the MiniKishu token. Funds are acquired from charging an 8% tax/fee on all transactions. These funds are then distributed across the network to the project developers and marketers while the rest goes to the liquidity pool. 

While holders don’t get any direct rewards in the form of reflections, they benefit from the rising value of MiniKishu. This is thanks to the burning of $MINIKISHU received as a breeding fee whenever you breed a male and female Mini Kishu. Furthermore, 1,000 of the initial male Kishus will be retired to further create scarcity. 

Since 5 October, MiniKishu contract address here on Mini Kishu Bsc because it’s found on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Mini Kishu address can then be used for Mini Kishu buy on platforms such as PancakeSwap. It’s already available on Mini Kishi CMC where you can see the real-time price as well as Mini Kishu Coingecko

Is this a good investment for 2022?

Mini Kishu BscScan is thus the most ideal source of information about the token, where you will see there are 62 active wallets holding the coin and the Mini Kishu coin contract address. Then on Mini Kishu Poocoin, you can see the live price chart from the time it was launched. 

So far, all signs point toward a Mini Kishu buy given the surge in price. Another way to stay ahead of price changes is Mini Kishu DEXTools where the service provides price predictions ahead of time to help you make decisions. Also, social sites like Telegram and Twitter are good sources. 

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Nevertheless, it’s still risky because only a handful of wallet addresses are currently holding the coin. That leaves the danger of rug pulls if those few investors pull their money. On the other hand, a $5.5 million market cap is a good sign, but you still need to be cautious.

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