Mother of Memes: About the project and token price predictions

Over the past week, a new token has been trending on the crypto platform CoinMarketCap. While this is not necessarily new, Mother of Memes ($MOM) promises to be a token with an actual purpose. In the midst of a storm of memecoins, Mother of memes may be worth investing in if it can deliver on its promises. Let’s find out what those are and how the project intends on following through. 

What is Mother of Memes?

Every one of us has dozens of memes on our phones we probably don’t need anymore. With a simple app, you can delete unnecessary memes at the tap of a button. But what if you could swap those useless memes and get rewards?

Mother of Memes is designed to do just that by taking your memes and rewarding you with the $MOM token. To begin, you buy the $MOM token through PancakeSwap, perhaps the most popular DEX for DeFi tokens. On the platform, you will be asked to exchange another token for $MOM, usually BNB. It can be purchased from another crypto exchange like Binance or Coinbase. 

Once you own the token, you can immediately start to swap it for other memes on the Mother of Memes platform. In essence, the Mother of Memes platform acts as a site for sharing memes and earning rewards in the process. For one, a 1% fee charged for transactions is redistributed among holders. This means you will start to notice your holdings rise over time. 

Continuing with the theme of ‘caring like a mother’, Mother of Memes is also involved in charity. A portion of the funds gained on the platform will also be used to fund Covid-19 vaccination drives. 

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Introducing $MOM

Everything on the Mother of Memes platform is powered by the $MOM token. It is based on the Binance mainnet as a BEP-20 token. 100 quadrillion tokens were created at first but over time the coins will be burned. 

Its main use, though,  is as a currency on the Mother of Memes platform. Users use it to exchange memes with each other. At the same time, holders get rewarded from the 1% tax charged on all transactions. 

Furthermore, a 2% tax is deducted and used to increase the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This helps to make the token’s value stable since it can’t be hurt by sudden selling even from whales. 

How good of an investment is Mother of Memes?

Mother of Memes was only recently listed on CMC as you can see from the above price chart. It’s been hardly a week at the time of publication yet it’s up over 100%. Much of that growth can be noted since 5 December 2021 when the NFT marketplace was announced on Twitter and Telegram

Since then, there hasn’t been much progress. $MOM is still only available on PancakeSwap and not on CEXes. On the other hand, it’s growing rapidly and has reached 15k members on Telegram. It’s also trending on CMC and was even among the top 10 gainers. This shows that the coin is gaining a lot of attention, which is always good for crypto. 

As 2021 draws to an end, it’s likely $MOM will spike in price again when the NFT is officially launched. From current prices, this will probably be a 100% spike up to the previous high of $0.000000001. 

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But it may also happen in Q1 2022. Toward the end of 2022, another 100% raise isn’t out of the question. We anticipate the first and perhaps second 0 to drop over the coming years toward 2026. If so, we could be looking at a future price prediction of $0.00000001. 

Mother of Memes token price forecast FAQs

What is the current value of $MOM?

0.00000000036 on CoinMarketCap

What will be the highest price forecast for $MOM in 2022?

We believe it will be worth $$0.000000001. 

Is Mother of Memes a good investment?

Yes, as the project continues to grow. 

How much will $MOM be in 2026?

At least $0.00000001 by 2026… or more. 

How high can $MOM go?

The sky’s the limit.

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