Nekoverse NFT Collection Review

What is Nekoverse?

Nekoverse pertains to the name of the metaverse and is a Play-to-Earn Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game created through blockchain technology. Here, players have the freedom to select their paths in interacting, discovering, or battling with other players Pvp and PvE. In addition, they can also opt to simply explore the in-game world leisurely while crafting items or farming resources. 

By using blockchain technology, the game provides decentralized and a comprehensive in-game economy purely driven by the NFT players alongside a guild system that uses the DAO Governance mechanic. This way, players won’t only just have ownership of the assets but also the development and the narrative of the game itself. 

About the Developer

Nekoverse adapts the GameFi concept, a crypto paradigm that leaves plenty of room to redefine how you can play in the future. Regardless of whether it’s a Play-to-Earn or a Play-to-Have Fun type, it follows strict standards of a storyline, concept, characters, methodology, test, refinement, and more. 

Specifically, it is a creative project initiated by a community of experts who believe that the Play-to-Earn is more than just a simple trend and that every game – whether traditional or blockchain — should always be made with the goal of providing enjoyment for players. 

It has then been created as a mass multiplayer game that is community-driven. Similar to NFTs, this is tailored to provide you ownership which is the one thing that can’t be duplicated. Blockchain technology also enabled game developers to develop a game where the players own the game’s entire story, assets, or development. More than that, Nekoverse allows players to also get the opportunity to contribute throughout the process with the whole community — often referred to as Nekozens. It mainly caters not only to crypto-enthusiasts but also to those who have a real knack for playing games. 

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How to buy it?

Nekoverse presents its NFTs through Nekos, which is your Nekoverse character. For every Neko, you get a set of randomly generated traits to ensure the uniqueness of each. You also have the option to own several Nekos and form a team in a way that better suits your style of playing. 

The kind of Neko you have will be helpful in the game’s battle system, where you can test its skills in combat. Your character’s strength will also largely be determined by combining their items, stats, elements, skills, and combat dynamics. 

For every battle, players can also attain rewards through in-game currencies and chances for item drops that you can use or either sell on different marketplaces. You can also earn through Crafting, Breeding, and Summoning, or even generate passive income by simply staking tokens within the Neko temple or from creating guilds and collecting taxes. 

Nekoverse NFTs are available for minting on Nekoverse’s official website. In addition, every minting is often always available nearing the public sale date and will simultaneously be announced on its social media channels. 

What makes it unique?

Nekoverse’s game mechanics and economy are specifically tailored to make it sustainable, allowing players to monetize their respective gaming times without being compromised by a diminishing reward curve. Furthermore, the community-driven game consistently stays true to prioritizing the player’s gaming experiences by making it more immersive, fun, and unique, all while bringing authentic ownership to their assets at the same time.


Where to buy Nekoverse NFTs?

Nekoverse NFTs are available on Solsea, Magic Eden, and its main website. You can mint these NFTs on the main platform for effective minting.

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What do I need to mint NFTs?

Usually, you need crypto to mint NFTs. In this case, you need SOL and a digital crypto market.

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