Shiba Games token price prediction. Memecoin or something more?

How would you like to make money just for playing games? Most of us do, except it usually sounds unreal until you discover Shiba Games. This is a crypto project that intends on rewarding gamers with the Shiba Games token just for doing what they love. Naturally, we had to dig into the project details to find out if this is legit and whether you should consider investing. 

What is Shiba Games?

First, Shiba Games is a platform for gamers to enjoy their favourite hobby on a decentralized platform. It combines 3 individual games on the same platform for different gamers:

Shiba Run is inspired by the classic Super Mario game involving running through a virtual world. In the process, the coins you collect are transferred directly into your wallet rather than just game points. Then there is Shiba Hunt. This is an RPG game where you play against others on the same platform and earn points for your wins. 

Finally, Shiba Land was inspired by other games such as Animal Crossing. Here, you get to build virtual islands and interact with other players. At the same time, you can build exciting items and exchange them with others in the form of NFTs. Altogether, Shiba Games is a complete ecosystem for gamers to have fun. 

Shiba Games token

Gaming is fun… it’s why we do it after all. Shiba Games, though, takes it a step further by directly rewarding gamers for their time and effort. The Shiba Games token is the reward because it acts as the native token for the platform. Every time you play on the platform, you have a chance to win $SHIBAGAMES. 

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For some games and activities, you will be required to acquire some $SHIBAGAMES first. From each transaction, a 13% fee/tax is deducted to power the network. Of the deducted amount, 6% goes to the games’ development. 2% is used to increase the liquidity pool and 2% buys back more $SHIBAGAMES from circulation out of the total supply. Both these efforts ensure that the token remains stable against rugs and whales making big moves suddenly. 

The final 3% is redistributed among holders of the token as a reward, encouraging long-term hodling. Altogether, these actions make the $SHIBAGAMES token more valuable over time and worth investing in. 

Should you invest in $SHIBAGAMES?

Online gaming is growing at a really fast pace. Crypto platforms like Shiba Games have been rumoured to be the next frontier, making this a ripe moment to invest. As you can see below, the price of $SHIBAGAMES exploded in December 2021. That is because it was listed on platforms like CMC and CG after receiving a lot of attention. 

It’s now trading at $0.000000001792 on PancakeSwap and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Considering the bearish momentum in the crypto markets against the stable price of $SHIBAGAMES, it’s clear the coin has a lot of inherent value. This means we can expect it to remain stable for the rest of the year. 

By the end of 2021, we anticipate a $0.000000002 price tag. The first 0 will probably be dropped in 2022 at a prediction of $0.00000002 by the end of the year. Toward 2026, the predictions become speculative. 

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Nevertheless, if more people continue to play Shiba Games, we wouldn’t be surprised by a $0.0000001 price tag. That alone is a triple-figure growth, but you have to remember that these investments are riskier than others. 

Shiba games token price forecast FAQs

What is the current value of SHIBAGAMES?

$0.000000001792 on CoinGecko.

What will be the highest price forecast for SHIBAGAMES in 2022?

We believe it will be worth $0.00000002.

Is Shiba Games a good investment?

Yes, as the project continues to grow. 

How much will SHIBAGAMES be in 2026?

At least $0.0000001 by 2026… or more. 

How high can SHIBAGAMES go?

The sky’s the limit. 

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