Tesla stock down – Tesla leads in crashes attributed to advanced driver-assist systems in the US

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that Teslas had the highest number of crashes caused by advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS). Of all reported cases, Tesla vehicles accounted for 70% of incidents while Alphabet’s Waymo had the most incidents involving autonomous vehicles. 

The NHTSA report is the first of its kind since the institution started requiring companies to report such crashes last year. Level 2 ADAS are different from autopilot or GM’s Super Cruise because they only assist drivers but don’t replace them. 

From June 2021 to 15 May, 392 crashes from ADAS were reported during that period, of which 273 accidents involved a Tesla vehicle. 11 car makers were included in the report, and Tesla was followed by Honda with 90 incidents, Subaru with 10 and Ford at 5. 

Before you jump to conclusions…

Despite the report, the NHTSA warned against taking the findings at face value to draw conclusions. NHTSA Administrator Steven Cliff said that the report was only meant to quickly find potential defects and determine if the systems were indeed helping to improve the safety of vehicles. After all, the data shows that more people died in car crashes last year than in the last three decades.

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