Top 5 NFT collections to buy in 2022

NFTs are selling at all-time high values in 2021, turning many collectors into millionaires. Therefore, now is the time to keep an eye on the most promising NFT collections for 2022 so that you too can improve your financial performance. 

  1. Stylish Studs NFT Review

Stylish Studs NFT is one of the top-rising NFT collections in 2021. With a modern and interesting take on horse track races, there’s no doubt as to why many are looking into whether this is a worthy investment or not.

To finally end all questions, we’re going to give an in-depth review of the Stylish Studs Collection in this article.

What is Stylish Studs NFT?

If you’re familiar with the traditional horse track racing video game, then you can easily acquaint yourself with the collection of Stylish Studs NFT. The game is actually mainly based on the said concept, just a lot more modernised.

This is why if you browse through their models, both samples and existing, you’ll find horses with varying outfits, accessories, and the likes. Some even go for a certain look like a country horse, an English avatar, or a full-on Christmas look.

With limitless possibilities, it’s definitely an understatement to say that this is a must-consider NFT. Not to mention, it already has more than 10,000 NFTs as of the time this is written.

How to Mint Stylish Studs NFT?

Minting your very stylish stud in the NFT is easy. All you need to do is go to the site and head on to get one. You will be asked to enter details like your personal information and wallet address for transactional purposes. Solana is required for all minting needs.

Here, you will also be able to access several types of the secondary marketplace such as DigitalEyes, Magic Eden, and

Note, though, that minting in Stylish Studs is time-sensitive. The game usually only releases limited stocks, so if you’ve decided on this, you should keep your eyes and ears on recent news. You should also consider joining the game’s official Discord to ensure updates.

Is Stylish Studs A Good Investment?

As of December 2021, we can confidently say that Stylish Studs will be a good investment.

With a current volume of 6.2 SOL, an almost 38% increase since most recent records, and a current market cap of 286.08 SOL, this is definitely a valuable NFT. Considering that its performance stays consistent, if not improving, then investing in this will guarantee decent returns in the near future and in the long run.

Not only that but also the improvements that Stylish Studs poured into their system in the fourth quarter of 2021 alone. Take into account the recently developed Breeding Feature (avatar merging) and Unique Fine Fillies (rare horse avatars), which ensure a more artistic view on studs.


Is Stylish Studs expensive?

The average price of purchasing an NFT from Stylish Studs comes up to 3.1 SOL. Since 1 SOL is currently equivalent to around $150, this can be expensive for investors on a budget. Although it may still depend on the current conversion, prepare at least $450 to afford Stylish Studs.

When is the best time to buy Stylish Studs?

Alternatively, you can wait for this to reach its floor price of 2.3 SOL to save a little money on the investment.

When can you buy Stylish Studs?

You can directly buy Stylish Studs NFTs through the game’s official site or through one of its affiliated marketplace like Magic Eden, to say the most notable. 

How else can I get Stylish Studs?

It’s also available for minting, also through the official website, so make sure to check out the community’s current offers to avoid catching up on sold-out NFTs.

  1. WATW NFT Review

Tusks out! This 2022 NFT collection will surely pique the interest of animal lovers and walrus enthusiasts alike.

WATW or We Are The Walrus is one of the newest and fast-rising NFT collections powered by the Solana Blockchain Technology. It has given thousands, if not more, personalities to a simple walrus.

With the developers’ continuous goal of making history in the field, a far-fetched yet somehow realistic goal for the NFT at hand, it’s a question of whether this is worth investing in or not. Find the answer in this full WATW NFT review.

What is WATW NFT?

WATW comes in a lot of names. May it be the official “We Are The Walrus,” “WATW Manifesto,” or “Walrusmania,” we will all come down to a walrus-themed NFT collection. It’s also set in a highly competitive nature brought upon by its two main gameplays.

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The thing is, despite the said phases of gameplays, it’s very unique compared to those that really run on GameFi. If you’re familiar with Squid Game, a popular Korean drama, then you can compare its tedious selection process to that of WATW NFT. Thus, it is basically the ‘survival of the fittest’ of all NFTs.

At first, this will seem confusing. Hence, it’s best to start either minting or buying from NFT collections before proceeding to certain levels.

How to Play WATW NFT

To give you a clearer view of how WATW works, here is a simple breakdown:

  1. Create, buy or mint a walrus from the NFT collection
  2. Proceed to Phase 1. This is where you, along with other walruses, have to battle in terms of gaining the most returns and being deemed as one of the strongest in the herd. Be careful since losing here will lead you to be featured in the system’s Hall of Shame!
  1. If you survive, then welcome to Phase 2! With a sidekick, you will conquer the Walrus DAO Mode together and ensure that your WATW NFTs stay at their best value

Rest assured, though, that despite this tight competition, you will be monitored by the developers. This will guarantee full transparency and a community-focused experience.

How to Buy WATW NFT

To buy a WATW NFT, you need to go to a secondary Solana marketplace. This includes the Phantom Wallet (the most recommended platform of WATW),, Magic Eden, and

Note that you will initially need a Solana Wallet and, of course, an existing balance. This will let you buy, keep and use your NFTs for future transactions. From there, you can go on to buy WATW NFT and own your own walruses.


Why should I buy WATW NFT?

The fact that WATW already has a market cap of 445.67 SOL despite being a newly-emerging NFT is already enough for a hopeful investor to buy it. 

What else can I do on WATW?

You won’t run out of things to do since you always have to be the best in your game to keep your status as one of the strongest walruses in the ranks.

How can I mint WATW NFTs?

Minting WATW NFTs only takes a few clicks. You just need to go to the official site and mint NFTs. The price will vary depending on the current status, but expect it to be around 1.47 SOL. This is slightly lower than other NFTs, which is a big plus. 

3. Sea Rovers NFT Review

All aboard! Get your own pirates and exploration adventures in this Sea Rovers NFT collections. Consisting of various features like an artwork collection, mini-quests, and a lot more, you will surely get the thrill that you’re looking for in an NFT game.

Of course, Sea Rovers is not all about the theme and exclusive features. For investors, both existing and aspiring, it’s also important to have an idea of its current status. If it’s generally good, then it will provide good returns for your investment. This is what we’re going to find out in the next sections of this Sea Rovers NFT Collections Review.

Who Developed Sea Rovers NFT?

The team who developed Sea Rovers and all its features is mainly made up of 4 people. Going by their aliases on the NFT collections platform itself, you will know them as ‘Captain Bert’, \First Mate Lew’, ‘Nova Launch’ and ‘Pistol-Grin Gary. 

Their roles point to needs for artistic design, marketing, development, and logistics, respectively. Captain Bert is also the main founder. So far, the developers’ goal is to provide an extraordinary NFT mining experience rather than the usual top-ranking ones. This is a little unclear at the moment since Sea Rovers hasn’t reached its peak of fame yet.

What Makes Sea Rovers Different?

There are actually a lot of answers as to why Sea Rovers is different. Here are some of the exclusive features that you should look forward to:

  • Crypto Captains – This is a type of NFT trait that you can avail yourself of, especially during the game. This is the first mini collection that the team developed for Sea Rovers, containing four trait levels and roughly 12,000 combinations
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  • Mini Collection – This refers to a collection of selected traits that players can buy at discounted prices. You can gain this through minting Sea Rover NFTs
  • Rover Armada – The Rover Armada will serve as your receiver once you verify at least three of your own rovers

Not to mention, Sea Rovers also reserve 10% of their sales for the community. They distribute this either through giveaways, airdrops, or any other method they deem suitable.

Is Sea Rovers A Good NFT Game?

Sea Rovers can be a good NFT game, mainly because of the gameplays and rewards that it can offer. However, since it isn’t that established yet, it may be hard to determine what expectations you should set while playing. It also doesn’t have a specific rank yet when it comes to market caps and estimated price rates, which makes the task more difficult.


Where can I buy Sea Rovers NFT?

You can buy Sea Rovers NFT in a reliable secondary marketplace for Solana. These include Solanart, Magic Eden, and Solsea.

Can I mint Sea Rovers NFT collections?

Yes, you can get the program’s NFTs through minting. However, since this becomes sold out almost immediately, you need to know when the specific date of updates is in advance. You can do this just by going to the official site of Sea Rovers.

How much do I need to invest in Sea Rovers NFT?

The price will vary depending on whether you will avail it from secondary Solana markets or through minting. You should also expect that the behaviour of cryptocurrencies and their sub-branches will also affect the specific cost you need for investment.

4. WOOF NFT Review

If you’re a dog lover, then you have probably encountered WOOF if you’re on the hunt for a new NFT mining partner. As an overview, WOOF is a truly decentralised token that is powered by DAO NFTs as well as simultaneously burning of tokens on a daily basis. 

This is more of a decentralised marketplace rather than the usual NFT collections or game-based concept. But if you’re interested as to what other things you can get from WOOF, then read on to the full review below.


WOOF, or Woof of Solan,a is an NFT marketplace where you can use Solana, USDC or RAY to get WOOF. Meanwhile, the eponymous WOOF is the platform’s DAO NFT. What makes this different is, instead of getting just a character, you will also get to make a certain part of the sales a contribution to dog shelters. 

Hence, if you’re someone who wants to have a goal despite engaging in NFT, then this is a must-consider. Like what we said previously, the platform simultaneously generates and burns tokens while circulating them on a daily basis. To be specific, it supplies 1 trillion tokens, half of which are burned every day. 

In this way, the remaining tokens can increase in value and circulate better. On a side note, if you don’t know what ‘burning’ tokens mean, it simply refers to getting rid of tokens and sending them into an inaccessible wallet. This burn wallet address and balance can then be seen publicly by everyone. 

How to Use WOOF NFT

Using WOOF NFT is a lot like engaging in an idle game. The purpose is creating, buying and selling NFTs. Basically, helping it circulate day by day is the only significant task. The reason behind this is that the platform’s main purpose is to act as a marketplace rather than a play-to-earn network like other NFT platforms.

Thus, all your activities in WOOF will only involve buying. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Connect your SOL wallet to WOOFSWAP
  2. Once connected, you can start swapping Solana, USDC, RAY, or any other available crypto networks in exchange for WOOF

For every buy, you can expect your contributions, specifically 2% of it, to go directly to the dog shelter. Keep in mind that you need a SOL wallet and enough balance before you can start transacting.

Where to Buy WOOF NFT

You can directly buy from WOOF NFT collections on WOOF’s official website. This is the platform’s most recommended transaction method.

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Alternatively, you can also purchase through Orca. It’s a CEX platform rather than a DEX, though. You may want to study more about CEX wallets before proceeding to guarantee your tokens’ safety.


Is it worth it to invest in WOOF NFT?

It can be hard to know if WOOF NFT collections will be a good investment or not when considering its current market status. For those focused on generating profit, this won’t be the most ideal because of the consistently poor performance in its previous activities.

Why should I consider buying NFTs from WOOF?

Since it’s new, its fame, along with its volume and market cap, is on the low. However, if you’re interested in making charitable contributions and you’re fine with the long wait for high returns, then it can be worth it.

How much do I need to buy WOOF NFT?

Currently, WOOF NFT is priced at $0.0007, which is a lot less than 1 SOL. 

5. Stranded Unicorns NFT Review

Stranded Unicorns is probably one of the best NFTs around. Being the first RPG in the field, this will surely assure a unique gameplay experience. Not to mention, its concept revolves around unicorns, which is a very distinct and interesting take in terms of NFT concepts.

There are a lot of pros in Stranded Unicorns, but you’ll probably find that the best thing about it is that it’s free to play.Considering all these assets, find out in this review if the NFT game is really worth it or not.

What is Stranded Unicorns NFT?

Stranded Unicorns NFT is the first role-playing game (RPG) in the field of NFT games. This focuses on building unicorns, developing their traits and gradually completing your own NFT collection over time. This comes with fuseable characters, which will make it easier for you to grow your lineup over time.

Basically, you can expect this to be a combination of a PVP and RPG game. It also serves a dual purpose of being a marketplace and NFT collection since minting Stranded Unicorn NFTs is similar to avatar-based generations. You can choose from countless accessories and outfits to fully personalise your unicorn.

What Makes Stranded Unicorns Unique?

There are quite a lot of things that make up Stranded Unicorns’ uniqueness. First, the game is free to play. This means that you have a choice not to buy NFTs on the first try. Since the platform’s goal is to develop accessibility, you can also expect not to be charged any kind of gas fees. Not to mention, you’ll get a free trait once you register for the game.

Another thing, Stranded Unicorns run through RPG and PVP, so you can ensure that there will be no dull time throughout the experience.The developers have also established long-term objectives. This is yet more proof that the NFT collections and game will stay for long and have consistent gameplay for its users. 

Similarly, this means that Stranded Unicorns is not merely founded on the hype among the crypto and gaming community. You can watch more about certain game rules on the game’s official website. They have provided in-depth tutorials about how each playing session will go.

Where to Buy Stranded Unicorns NFT?

You don’t necessarily have to buy Stranded Unicorns NFT, but if you want to give your investment higher value, then you can turn to a secondary marketplace for transactions.

Nevertheless, it’s best to start minting characters and traits for free first. Make sure to get on your game and keep updated on the latest news about the game since only 8,000 slots are available for free mints. Specifically, watch out for its exclusive launching on December 18, 2021 to avail of it.


Is it expensive to buy Stranded Unicorns NFT?

Stranded Unicorns NFTs aren’t expensive. It’s actually free to play, mint (considering that you catch up on the free slots), and gives value to your investments. You won’t have to immediately worry about money if you choose to play Standard Unicorns.

How can I mint Stranded Unicorns NFT?

You can mint Stranded Unicorns NFT through their official website or exchange them through secondary marketplaces. These features will only be available once they launch on December 18 of the year 2021, though.

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