What is Secured Ship, price predictions and is it as safe as advertised?

In the midst of an avalanche of crypto projects being launched in 2021, Secured Ship caught our eye. So much so that we were convinced to make the investment ourselves. Because, unlike other similar crypto projects, this one had the hallmarks of a more trustworthy project. Nevertheless, we’re going to describe the project without bias so that you too can make a fully informed decision. 

About Secured Ship and the $SHIP token

Secured Ship is built upon the promise that everyone invested in the project should be rewarded for it. It works by taking a portion of the transaction fees and distributing it to different parties. But what truly makes this network more different is that a huge portion of the token supply is locked until 2023. 

From the image below, you can see that a significant portion of the supply is held in the liquidity pool. For further protection of the investors, another portion is even held in an anti-rug fund. The reason for this is to prevent major stakers from selling their stake creating a rug pull or scam like the one seen with Squid coin

Investing in $SHIP

Powering the Secured Ship network is the $SHIP token, which is a BEP-20 token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you want to buy the token, find the contract address on this link from BscScan. The token is bought in exchange for a variety of cryptos but BNB is the most popular. 


It was first introduced through a presale on PinkSale which ran for a week between 1 November and 8 November 2021. During the event, the target for raising 500 BNB was accomplished meaning that it was a success. 1 quadrillion tokens are available in total 

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The standard fee/tax for buying and selling $SHIP, for instance, is 10%. Out of this amount, 2% is distributed among the token holders depending on the amount one holds. Therefore, the more you hold, the higher your reward. This strategy is meant to encourage the holding of $SHIP over a longer term to keep enjoying the rewards. 

Some of the rest of the funds received through fees is burned (2%) and the rest pumped into the liquidity pool and business wallet (4%) for marketing and development purposes. You can see this being used to promote $SHIP on platforms like Telegram with over 5k members. 

Secured Ship game

Aside from rewarding holders, a mobile game has already been created available on the Google Play Store. Gamers will probably recognize it because it’s similar to the classic ship shooter game. That means you can win at the game, and then get rewarded using $SHIP. 

PS: The prize is only given to the top 3 players every week. 

Is this a good investment?

One of the best keys to all investments is timing, and we were lucky to have entered the game on the ground floor. Our investment during the presale bore over 300% return in under 24 hours as you can see from the price chart above from Poocoin.

This doesn’t mean that the time to invest is over. On the contrary, Secured Ship now has over 5.8k holders and is being actively traded on DEXes like PancakeSwap. It’s not yet listed on Uniswap or any major CEX like Binance or Coinbase, but that is the current target on the roadmap.

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That being said, we must acknowledge that Secured Ship is still relatively new to the market. After all, it’s not yet even listed on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. So, it’s still a relatively high-risk investment and you should be careful when you decide to make the jump. 

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